Does Your Child Have Dyscalculia? 3 Surprising Signs

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You've probably heard of dyslexia, a developmental disorder that makes reading difficult. Less people have heard of dyscalculia, a similar developmental disorder that makes arithmetic difficult for some people. If your child is struggling with math in school, the problem may not lie in your child's abilities or their level of effort but in a disorder that can be addressed and managed with therapies and support services. How can you tell whether your child's math problems are caused by a developmental disorder?

2 December 2016

2 Reasons To Encourage Your Child To Enter A Writing Contest

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One of the best things that you can do for your child is to encourage them to make education and learning a priority. This is something that is going to get them far in life and will help them to be successful in many different aspects. While general schooling is important, it is often the extra activities that really help your child to succeed. There are often contests offered to students from elementary to high school age that the schools put on.

2 December 2016

Is Your Child Anti-Social? Daycare May Help


Even at a very young age, children may show symptoms of anti-social behavior. This behavior isn't necessarily the sign of a serious problem, but it can become one if you don't do something about it immediately. Thankfully, daycare may help your child learn how to break these tendencies. Signs Your Child Is Anti-Social Before assuming your child is anti-social, it is important to know how to spot a few symptoms of true anti-social behavior, including:

30 November 2016

3 Reasons to Consider Entertainment Industry Training

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One of the most highly sought after industries for many job seekers is the entertainment industry, mostly because of the glamor and potentially high pay. However, it can often be difficult for people to get into that industry due to the skills required and the amount of competition. However, there are entertainment industry training programs out there that can benefit you in a variety of ways, such as the three listed below.

29 November 2016

Autistic Child? 2 Tips To Find The Right School For Them

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If you have an autistic child, they may not do well in the traditional classroom or public school. If you have a child with autism and they are ready to start school, below are two tips on finding the right one for them. This can help your child be a success in school, and you can feel good as a parent knowing your child is happy. Make a Visit Make a list of some schools in your area that you are interested in, and make an appointment with each school to make a visit.

28 November 2016

Helping Your Shy Child Make Friends When They Start Preschool

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If you have a child who will be going to preschool in the near future, and they are not used to spending time with other children, you may be a bit worried about how they will react when they start spending their days with classmates. A shy child may find it difficult to open up to others. Here are some tips you can use to help your offspring in gaining confidence so they feel better about speaking and playing with others in their class.

22 November 2016

The Marketing Brilliance Of Buying Personal Stories Online To Promote A Personal Training Website

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With so many millions of websites published online, standing out becomes difficult. Effort does need to be put into making a website unique since interesting websites keep visitors longer. Websites promoting fitness and personal training, in particular, do need to hook visitors in order to convert them to customers. The special use of a personal story definitely may assist a website with impressing and moving visitors who are struggling to get in shape.

18 October 2016

Three Reasons To Get Your Pilot's License

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Whether for career or hobby, being a pilot can be a rewarding experience. If you've been thinking about learning how to fly but aren't sure you should take that step, it's beneficial to understand some of the advantages to being able to fly. Here are a few of the reasons why it's great to be a pilot. Efficient Means Of Travel When you need to travel across the country, it's usually easiest to use a commercial airline.

11 October 2016

What Are the Signs of a Good Child-Care Center for Your Older Children?

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If you are a parent who needs to place an older child in some sort of after-school program, you certainly aren't lacking for choice. However, placing your child in an activity-specific program can be difficult because if the child doesn't like the program, then you face months of protests and resistance. Sometimes a general child-care or day-care program is a better choice, but choosing one of these for an older child requires special attention.

10 October 2016

Three Reasons Why You Should Not Feel Guilty about Enrolling Your Child in Preschool


Many new parents become so attached to their little ones that when it comes time to place them in childcare or day care, doing so is an emotional struggle. You worry about how your child is doing, how he or she is managing the changes, how the caregiver is managing, and so forth. When your child cries when you leave, you may feel even more guilty. However, there are some very good reasons for enrolling your child in day care and preschool programs.

8 July 2016