2 Reasons To Encourage Your Child To Enter A Writing Contest

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One of the best things that you can do for your child is to encourage them to make education and learning a priority. This is something that is going to get them far in life and will help them to be successful in many different aspects. While general schooling is important, it is often the extra activities that really help your child to succeed. There are often contests offered to students from elementary to high school age that the schools put on. One such contest that can be a lot of fun and very beneficial for your child is a writing contest. This article will discuss 2 reasons to encourage your child to enter a writing contest.

Gives Them A Bit More Freedom With Their Writing 

Unlike most school writing assignments, a writing contest is going to allow your child to have a bit more freedom when it comes to their writing. They will likely have a general topic or some basic guidelines that they need to follow for the writing contest, but other than that, they are going to be able to practice their creative writing skills. Being able to write in a style that allows them to express themselves and strengthen their writing capabilities is going to help them to not only enjoy the writing contest, but it is also going to help them to grow as a writer at the same time. 

Prizes Are Offered 

Another excellent reason to encourage your child to enter a writing contest is the potential for a prize. You can explain to your child that if their writing sample wins the contest, or places in the contest, they are likely going to receive some type of prize. The different prizes are going to be geared towards the different ages of the students, making the prizes enjoyable for all of the students. For example, an iPad, a gift card, or even a free trip to somewhere may be offered as prizes for the writing contest. If your child does in fact place or win, and receives a great prize for all of their hard work, this is going to encourage them to keep writing because they will feel even more confident in their abilities. If your child doesn't win, this will likely encourage them to write more and enter more contests so that they can grow as a writer and potentially place or win the next writing contest that they enter. 

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2 December 2016

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