The Marketing Brilliance Of Buying Personal Stories Online To Promote A Personal Training Website

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With so many millions of websites published online, standing out becomes difficult. Effort does need to be put into making a website unique since interesting websites keep visitors longer. Websites promoting fitness and personal training, in particular, do need to hook visitors in order to convert them to customers. The special use of a personal story definitely may assist a website with impressing and moving visitors who are struggling to get in shape. The ability to buy personal stories online makes accessing such tales very easy. The personal trainer publishing a website does not need to be an editor or connoisseur of great writing. The publisher/trainer does, however, need to select moving stories capable of truly impacting a reader.

Hitting the Emotional Cord

Personal stories must be more than mere tales that get across basic information. Someone who writes a personal account of how buying a particular product made life easier only conveys an appeal to reason. A moving story that strikes on an emotional level could create an attachment that moves a buyer. Emotional stirring can come in many forms. Traits that a fitness-oriented buyer should look for in personal stories include:

  • Defeating the Odds

Everyone loves to read the tale of an underdog. People who are able to overcome one tremendous obstacle after the other are inspiring persons. Tying these tales to a product has the potential to stimulate sales. A person who struggles with losing weight may have contended with one failed diet after the other. Someone who tells his/her tale of overcoming weight loss frustrations may strike a chord with readers.

  • Coming Back from the Abyss

A story of redemption is also appealing. People make mistakes in life. Virtually everyone can identify with someone who hit a low point. Reading about how such a person fought back against self-defeat to succeed in life is motivating. An emotionally-struggling individual may be at a loss at how to boost self-confidence. Personal tales about developing better self-esteem through exercise might draw inquiries from potential clients who want a confidence boost.

  • Learning a Moral Lesson

Adversity leads to learning new lessons about life and, possibly, changing belief systems for the better. Tales of moral lessons that are informative and not preachy can be engaging. An engaged reader is only a short step away from being a motivated customer. A person who neglected maintaining a good diet and exercise program for years and now must address health issues can identify with learning important lessons in life.

Adding personal stories to a commercialized fitness website adds a new dimension to the site's marketing capabilities. The right resource for such stories absolutely can lend an assist to a struggling online advertising campaign.


18 October 2016

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