Three Reasons Why You Should Not Feel Guilty about Enrolling Your Child in Preschool


Many new parents become so attached to their little ones that when it comes time to place them in childcare or day care, doing so is an emotional struggle. You worry about how your child is doing, how he or she is managing the changes, how the caregiver is managing, and so forth. When your child cries when you leave, you may feel even more guilty. However, there are some very good reasons for enrolling your child in day care and preschool programs. The following three reasons highlight some of the best reasons for preschool enrollment, and they may just lighten your emotional load if you focus on them during the day.

Your Child Is Learning Dozens of New Things You May Not Have Been Able to Teach Them

Preschool teachers are often educated people with teaching degrees or child-development degrees. If you have enrolled your child in day care or preschool where the majority of the teachers have degrees, then you know your child is learning dozens of new things that you might not have been able to teach them yourself. While parents know a lot, your child's teachers may know even more about how to help young children develop and eagerly share what they know with their little pupils. There are also lots of different toys and experiences that your child might not have to play with or would not encounter at home. Your child is getting to play with more toys and encounter more different experiences than you could ever hope to provide or store at home in the closets.

Your Child Is Safe 

At home, you probably run around trying to put every potentially dangerous thing out of reach and kid-proof the house. Still, you might be worried when your child grows very quiet or there is a sudden loud noise. In a preschool setting, your child might be safer than he or she would be at home because the day care or preschool facility was created for children your child's age. The toys available to your child will be safe for him or her to play with, so your child is less likely to get ahold of something dangerous.

Your Child Is Preparing for a Lifetime of Learning

Many of the basic building blocks of knowledge that you learned in kindergarten, children now learn in preschool. By the time your child reaches kindergarten, he or she may be months ahead of peers who did not go to preschool. By enrolling your child in a preschool or day care program, you are helping them prepare for a lifetime of learning.

If your child is not currently enrolled in a preschool or day care, you can visit schools and care centers in your area, such as Kid's Country Child Care & Learning Center.


8 July 2016

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