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When you're looking for the best education possible for your child, then private Catholic schools often rank high on the list of options. Here are some of the main benefits of sending your child to private Catholic school. 

Teacher to Student Ratio

One of the great things about a Catholic private school, and most private schools in general, is the lower staff to student ratio than what you would find in a public school. Having more teachers and staff on hand helps to make sure that each student gets enough one-on-one attention, which can be invaluable for making sure that they are excelling academically and personally. 

Religious Education

A strong religious education is another thing to look for in a great private Catholic school. There are a number of ways that religion can be taught in Catholic school. Daily or weekly religion classes help students to learn about the scripture and the values taught in it. Weekly attendance at mass can also help children become more connected to their faith. And having mentors on the staff who are devoted to their faith can set a good role model for children. 

Of course, some students who attend Catholic school may not actually be Catholic. If this is the case for your family, then it's important to speak with your individual school to see what kind of accommodations they make for non-religious children. Some may have alternate activities for children who aren't Catholic. 


Another core cultural element in many Catholic private schools is strong discipline. Excellent behavior and discipline is expected from students. Students may wear uniforms as well, which can help to instill discipline and keep the focus on academics while at school. 

Civic Engagement Opportunities

Catholic private schools are often focused on educating not only the mind, but also the spirit. Look for private schools that have a strong civic engagement program that teaches children the value of returning their efforts to the community. For instance, a robust volunteer program can help teach the children great values while also allowing them to form connections and friendships with other students. 

Of course, the quality of each Catholic private schools can vary just like any other educational program. But if you are able to find a Catholic private school that offers all or most of the above, then it can be money well-spent on providing your child with a great education. 


5 May 2016

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